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I received my PhD in philosophy from McGill University in 2013. I specialize in post-Kantian German philosophy, particularly early German Romanticism and the works of Nietzsche. My current research focusses on questions around death and exclusion in relation to the Romantic project of community. I also have a background in feminist thought, aesthetics, moral philosophy, and existentialism. This year I will be teaching in the philosophy departments at Trent and the University of Western Ontario.

I currently live in Toronto, after moving to Canada from Scotland in 2004. Before my PhD, I received an MA in philosophy from the University of Ottawa, and before that a BA from the University of Wales, Cardiff, where I studied philosophy, ethics, and religious studies. Before attending university, I travelled the world, rode horses, wrote fiction, and went to art college.

My CV can be found here as a web page, or you can download a pdf version.
Anna in Greece