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I specialize in post-Kantian German philosophy, with a focus on feminist approaches to texts and problems in this area. I am interested in efforts in German thought of this period to cope with experiences of alienation, death and suffering, and to recognize and respond to the problems of social exclusion, deception of self and others, and violence. My doctoral thesis explored such attempts in the writings of Nietzsche and the early German Romantic Novalis. My current research investigates such an attempt by the forgotten early-nineteenth century writer Karoline von Günderrode. I hope my work will contribute to rehabilitating this important but neglected figure for the academic study of philosophy. In addition to my work on the history of philosophy, I have a background in feminist theory, aesthetics, moral philosophy, phenomenology and existentialism.

I live in Singapore, where I work part time as a freelance editor and writing coach, and part time on my research on and translations of Günderrode’s work. Before my PhD, I received an MA in philosophy from the University of Ottawa, and before that a BA from the University of Wales, Cardiff, where I studied philosophy, ethics, and religious studies. Before attending university, I travelled the world, rode horses, wrote fiction, and went to art college.

My CV can be found here as a web page, or you can download a pdf version.
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